Larvikite Palm Stone

Larvikite Palm Stone
Larvikite Palm Stone
Larvikite Palm Stone

Larvikite Palm Stone


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Unleash your inner rockstar (literally) with our Larvikite Palm Stone. This unique stone is perfect for channelling positive energy, reducing stress, and connecting with the earth. Surf's up on this one-of-a-kind gem!

Size: 6.1 x 4.7cm

Weight: 75g

Larvikite, originally discovered in the Larvik Fjord region of Norway, is an igneous rock located within the Larvik Plutonic Complex (LPC) of the Oslo Rift. Its labradorite-like iridescence produces a 'schiller effect' with flashing colors, typically silver and blue, resulting from its chemical composition when illuminated by light rays.

Larvikite is often referred to as 'Black Moonstone', 'Black Labradorite', or 'Blue Pearl Granite' by those familiar with gems and crystals. As a member of the Feldspar family, Larvikite is sometimes confused with moonstone. Unlike moonstone, which displays a pearly and opalescent sheen, Larvikite exhibits a silver and blue schiller effect that sparkles under multiple light sources.

Additionally, Larvikite is considered a potent shamanic stone, believed to provide insight beyond our normal perception and reveal the truth. It is said to aid in healing by shielding against negative energies and activating the Earth's energies, which can be harnessed for our benefit.

Larvikite is a transformative stone that aids in adapting to change and recognizing its potential benefits. As change is a constant, with the world in perpetual transition, personal and spiritual growth on this planet requires resilience to "weather the storm." Larvikite strengthens one's inner fortitude, allowing willpower to function on "autopilot," thus supporting one through challenging processes that cause ongoing distress. With Larvikite's protection, there is no need to fear the impact of negativity from new environments, as it safeguards both the spiritual and physical being, including the aura.

The "worry stone" is a term often used for Larvikite, as it serves to neutralize intense emotional responses, particularly anxiety. It enables one to experience each moment free from stress and to release any accumulated negative emotions. Larvikite encourages a focus on the positive aspects of one's surroundings and aids in harnessing positive energy. As a potent talisman, it can enhance all areas of life, making it an invaluable addition to daily meditation practices. Its benefits are highly recommended.

Larvikite Emotional Benefits

Achieve emotional healing and inner transformation with Larvikite. This unique stone is all about staying focused and connected. Here are the emotional benefits of Larvikite:

Larvikite, known for enhancing mental clarity, assists in seeing past our internal projections. It aids in developing a broader perspective and sustaining clear thought. This potent stone enables us to discern the truths within our reality.

Life changes test our patience and can sometimes lead to irrational actions. Larvikite is known to foster patience and assist in preserving calmness during overwhelming times.

Larvikite is known to aid in uncovering and amplifying your potential. It assists in maintaining focus and productivity, leading to optimal outcomes. In moments of distraction, keeping Larvikite nearby can support the concentration required and elevate your internal visions.

Inner Peace Despite its dark hue, Larvikite is known to foster mental tranquility and a balanced state of well-being. It aids in relaxation and maintaining serenity amid surrounding turmoil.

Larvikite is known to foster profound connections within oneself and with others. This stone aids in forming strong bonds that become part of your core memories. Additionally, it can assist in overcoming emotional obstacles with your loved ones.


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