Purple Tube Agate point

SKU: PT003
Purple Tube Agate point
Purple Tube Agate point
Purple Tube Agate point
Purple Tube Agate point

Purple Tube Agate point

SKU: PT003

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Purple tube Agate Tower

Weight: 217g

Size: 11.4 x 3.5 cm

Tube Agate

Tube agate has small or large tubes, which are columns. It has cross-sectional circles when it’s cut into pieces which looks enchanting. It brings lots of energy and positivity to life.

Physical Healing Properties of Agate

The properties of agate stones are primarily centred on physical healing. Different types of agate infuse the wearer's life with energy. They cleanse all chakras, enhancing metabolism, alleviating stomach problems, and promoting good blood circulation. The significance of agate rocks resides in these physical healing attributes.

Moreover, they contribute to establishing a tranquil sleep pattern, which is vital for physical and mental health. Improving metabolic functions addresses significant health concerns and fills one with vitality.

Mental and Emotional Healing Properties of Agate

The meaning of agate stone for mental and emotional healing is highly beneficial. It aids the wearer in making logical decisions and promotes analytical thinking. It is excellent for fostering truth, enhancing decision-making, and encouraging bold actions.

It is also wonderful for balancing your thoughts, leading to a calmer, more organized, and happier state of mind. Moreover, it assists in recovering from trauma and embarking on a new beginning in life.

Metaphysical Properties of Agate

Different types of agate crystals have unique metaphysical properties. Agate is known for its ability to cleanse chakras, channel energy, and foster positivity. For instance, algae agate is said to clear throat chakras, while moss agate is believed to open heart chakras. They are thought to remove toxicity and negativity, leading to overall prosperity.

Agate in Meditation

To harness the meaning of agate crystals, place these precious stones in your room and meditate with focus on them. They will help cleanse your chakras and enhance the aura of your space. Moreover, they can significantly purify your chakras, contributing to physical, emotional, and metaphysical healing.

Agate at Home

Agates can be introduced into your home as decorative elements or simply as stones. However, it is essential to position them in the most beneficial direction following Feng Shui principles. For healing purposes, place the agate in the eastern part of your home; for wealth attraction, in the southeast; and to enhance love in relationships or family, in the southwest.

Tube agates are distinguished by mineral tubes or rods that formed inside them while underground. These tubes might later be filled with silica or remain in their original state. Tube agate is particularly known for developing in layers around straw-like mineral inclusions. Both moss and tube agates are characterized by inclusions that resemble moss or a network of tubes. Turkish Stick Agates, a special type of tube agate, feature needle-like tubes that give the impression of sharp sticks within the stone.

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