Fluorite Wand with stand

Fluorite Wand with stand
Fluorite Wand with stand
Fluorite Wand with stand
Fluorite Wand with stand
Fluorite Wand with stand

Fluorite Wand with stand

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Fluorite wand with stand.
Weight: 221g
Size: 10.8 x 2.6cm

Enhance your environment with the enchanting Fluorite wand, which includes a stand for effortless showcasing. Fluorite's inherent energy is known to cleanse and soothe the mind, fostering concentration and balance. Ideal for meditation or as an ornamental piece (sure to impress enthusiasts of crystals)! Available in hues from green to white to rainbow, Fluorite offers a broad spectrum of colours and applications. This adaptable crystal is celebrated for its capacity to dispel inactive energy and in still tranquillity, making it an indispensable addition. 

Varieties of fluorite:

  • White or clear fluorite: Like other white or clear crystals, this variety of fluorite is ideal for supporting the crown chakra, as it helps clear the mind and promotes mental clarity.
  • Rainbow fluorite: With all of its colours, rainbow fluorite helps connect you to higher realms of spirituality, while also being grounding and stabilizing.
  • Yellow fluorite: Yellow fluorite is helpful in supporting the solar plexus chakra, which relates to things like energy, joy, confidence, and self- esteem.
  • Green fluorite: Green is often associated with the Earth and grounding, as well as the heart chakra, making green fluorite excellent for heart chakra opening and connecting to nature.
  • Blue fluorite: Blue fluorite is a particularly good variety of this crystal if you want to focus on clear communication and expression or opening the throat charka.
  • Purple fluorite: If you want to boost your intuition, purple fluorite is the best variety of this stone when it comes to supporting the third eye chakra.

What is fluorite?

Fluorite (also referred to as "fluorspar") is the mineral form of calcium fluoride and can be found all over the world, including parts of Russia, China, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, the United States and more.

Benefits of fluorite:

It helps calm you down.

Fluorite is thought to be a particularly good crystal for calming down and assisting with focus, as well as clear thinking and creative inspiration. It's swirling bands of greens, purples, and blues have a calming effect on both mind and body, (tip: great earth ally to keep on hand when you're working, studying, or just hoping to have a chill but productive day.)

It helps clear negative or stagnant energy.

Sometimes when we need to calm down, what we really need is help clearing out negative or stagnant energy from our minds—and that's where fluorite comes into play. This stone's calming and clearing effect can help you find peace of mind, with white or clear fluorite being a particularly good variety in this case.

It helps you stay true to yourself.

Fluorite can also be supportive when you want to stay true to yourself, or when you're manifesting a big goal. Part of manifesting involves remaining true to your vision and not being swayed or influenced by society or external pressures, and as such, Leavy says, fluorite is a great crystal for holding that clarity and staying true to yourself.

How to work with fluorite

Meditate ~ One of the easiest ways to work with the energy of any crystal is simply to meditate with it. Askinosie recommends holding your crystal in your nondominant hand while you sit for meditation, or even placing the crystal on the corresponding body part of the chakra.

For example, if you were using green fluorite for your heart chakra, you would hold it or place it on your heart and use a mantra such as "I welcome love into my life." Or for the crown chakra, as another example, you would hold clear fluorite or place it on top of your head, and repeat "I am connected to higher consciousness."

Keep some on your person ~ Another simple way to work with fluorite is keeping it on you during the day, whether you wear it as jewellery, have some in your purse, or keep a piece in your pocket as a touchstone for calm throughout your day. If you're wearing it as jewellery, consider wearing it near the chakra you'd like to influence most (i.e., a necklace over the heart or throat chakra).

Make an energetic cleansing spray ~ Want to clear stagnant energy from your living space? Askinosie recommends whipping together an energetic cleansing spray. Using crystals and spring water. Here's how.

We are a family-owned business operating from our home. Our crystals are ethically sourced, and we strive to provide you with the finest items at the best prices. Before they leave us, each crystal is cleansed with sage and palo santo smoke, imbued with love and reiki energy. After this ritual, the items are meticulously wrapped and boxed.

The I Love Crystal Ray family possesses extensive knowledge about crystals. We cherish nature and share our passion for stones, animals, and plants with you. In our leisure time, we delight in discovering the local wonders of the sunny North Coast of NSW.

We are grateful for your purchase and your support of our small enterprise. We infuse every box with eternal love, light, and energy, hoping you feel this as you open your treasured items.

With much love to all of you.

Nicole & I love Crystal Rays Family xx

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