Pink Flower Agate Moon with stand

SKU: CR405
Pink Flower Agate Moon with stand
Pink Flower Agate Moon with stand

Pink Flower Agate Moon with stand

SKU: CR405

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Pink Flower Agate Moon with stand

Size: 13 x11cm

Weight: 795g

The energy of Flower Agate is undeniably calming and charismatic, and it already has a reputation for how it easily activates benefits that guide you to embodying your highest potential.

Flower Agate Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The ruling chakras of this crystal are the Root and Heart Chakra. Flower Agate helps us attune and connect our emotional state to our physical experience. This makes it a powerful crystal for connecting with your authentic desires and manifesting them.

Flower Agate is ruled by all four elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. The energetic presence of all these essential natural elements offers balance, connection, nourishment, and alchemy that leads to creation and transformation. These are the forces of nature that clarify and energize us to naturally rise to our full potential.

The ruling planets are Earth and Venus. Earth resonates with grounded focus, physical experience, and manifestation. Venus is the planet of love, pleasures, and all things beautiful. Both Earth and Venus resonate with the divine feminine presence of Flower Agate.

This crystal is associated with so many Goddesses’ energies and archetypes. Some examples include Shakti, the Hindu deity that is the Divine Feminine of Life Force; Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Balance, Harmony, and Cosmic Order; Persephone, the Greek Goddess of Growth, Fertility, and Rebirth; and Flora, the Roman Goddess of Spring and Flowers. 

The Flower Agates key numerical vibration is 5. In numerology, this number is linked to themes such as personal freedom, courage, idealism, expansion, and magnetism. 5 is a reminder to embrace change and opportunity with gratitude and trust.

The appropriate Feng Shui directions to place Flower Agate include the South, Southwest, and Southeast. These directions respectively influence your experience of reputation, relationships, and wealth. Place your Flower Agate in the areas of your space that align with these directions to affect growth and success in any of these aspects of your life.

Flower Agate Healing Properties and Benefits

Grounding: Flower Agate has an earthy energy. It energizes and balances the Root Chakra, which means that this crystal has a powerful grounding effect. Grounding has many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health benefits.

Stand barefoot on a natural Earth surface while holding your Flower Agate crystal or place it at the base of your spine and take five deep, slow breaths. Draw in the grounding energy that fills you with life force energy in the present moment.

Stress and Anxiety Relief: Combined with its grounding benefits, Flower Agate has a very clear and peaceful vibration. It has such potent effects and is nurturing and gentle at the same time. This makes it an excellent ally for calming and relieving anxiousness and stress.

The best way to work with Flower Agate for relief is by connecting with the stone during an intentionally slow and lengthy breathwork practice. This allows your nervous system to regulate, leaving behind all stresses and anxieties, synchronizing with the balanced and inspired frequency of Flower Agate.

Protection from Fear and Self-Doubt: This is a valuable support stone for compassionately and powerfully moving past fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs. Flower Agate harnesses the energetic power of all elements of nature to cleanse stuck emotions and patterns and protect you from falling into these contracted and frozen states of being.

Working with your Flower Agate in conjunction with the practices of positive affirmations and visualization is perfect to harness this benefit. Hold your crystal while affirming and visualizing your courage, ease, trust, authenticity, worthiness, and mastery.

Dedication and Focus: The nurturing, grounding, loving, and encouraging energy of Flower Agate is so constant. It inspires dedication and helps to consistently guide us back to our focus and clarity of our highest purpose, of embodying our pleasure and heart service to the world.

Commit to a daily meditation practice to come to a space of stillness and connectivity, entirely focused on the energy of your Flower Agate. Naturally attune to this clarifying energy with your presence and awareness.


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