Opal Blue or White Sphere Mini

SKU: 1032
Opal Blue or White Sphere Mini

Opal Blue or White Sphere Mini

SKU: 1032

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Size: 8mm 

Weight: 1g

This gemstone radiates a gentle and soothing energy that can relax the body and clear the mind. It also improves communication skills with others. Particularly beneficial for shy and introspective individuals, blue opal, like other blue stones, has a cooling and calming effect. It balances the mind and harmonizes the brain's two hemispheres within the energy field. Blue opal is prized for its purported ability to facilitate astral travel, as it is believed to protect the spirit by forming a bond that maintains the connection between body and spirit at all times.

Also known as "porcelain opal" or "white milk opal," this stone has been cherished for centuries. Despite being more prevalent than its black or gray counterparts, its potency in energy work remains undiminished. It is a stone that embodies peace and tranquility, nurturing positive emotions and fostering harmonious relationships.

White opal is a gemstone known for amplifying cosmic consciousness and bolstering mystical and psychic visions. It is commonly utilized by mediums for enhanced effectiveness. The stone serves as an inspiration, sparking creativity and originality. It aids in the generation of innovative ideas and provides an energetic uplift when needed.

Moreover, this stone promotes the expression of your authentic self. It instills confidence and comfort within, which manifests in your words, thoughts, and actions. White opal has a high absorbency, collecting your thoughts and emotions, and regulating them to prevent overwhelming feelings.

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