Honey Calcite Heart

Honey Calcite Heart
Honey Calcite Heart
Honey Calcite Heart

Honey Calcite Heart

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The crystal you will receive is the one depicted in the photographs below.

Weight: 86g

Size: 5.3 x 2.5cm

Experience the warm and joyful vibes of Honey Calcite. This radiant crystal is known for its powerful ability to boost self-confidence and positivity. Its soothing energy encourages self-love and personal growth. Add this beautiful crystal to your collection for a daily dose of sunshine and success.

Honey calcite is a widely available crystal that perfectly symbolizes the natural richness of honey, its powerful fortunate vibration is associated with prosperity, abundance, and success in all shapes and forms. It is highly believed to help manifest great abundance in all areas of life. This is highly beneficial to anyone and people with feelings of depression, hopelessness, and helplessness.

Honey Calcite Emotional Benefits

Honey calcite harnesses the Earth, Wind, and Fire energy that assists in clearing the mind, stabilizing emotions, and modifying behaviour.

ENERGY: Honey calcite crystal aids help with motivation, assisting to overcome procrastination or laziness.

EMPOWERMENT: These healing crystals boost personal power. It enables the person to feel powerful and more than able to handle, endure and overcome obstacles, trials, and tribulations.

RELATIONSHIPS: Honey calcites build up strong relationships honey calcite aids in strengthening the healthy bonds between people.

COMMUNICATION: This crystal assists in effective communication, especially in group settings.

STRESS: This crystal has a soft and soothing vibration that helps alleviate stress and induces relaxation.

SELF- CONFIDANCE: Honey calcite boosts self-worth, self-trust, and self-esteem. It allows the person to achieve goals, live up to his dreams, and reach his full potential.

TRUE LOVE: This crystal fortifies self-love. It enables understanding and consideration of all the shortcomings, flaws, and uncontrollable situations.

KINDNESS: Honey calcite helps release feelings of anger or resentment toward self and other people.

WISDOM: Honey calcite stone teaches discernment. Crystals encourage responsibility and liability for certain actions and behaviours and better assist in good decision-making based on own experiences.

ENTHUSIASM: This crystal promotes positivity. Its rejuvenating energy boosts constructive thinking.

STABILITY: This crystal assists and connects the emotions and thoughts aligning to the desired behaviour and outcome.

KNOWLEDGE: Honey calcite aids in learning new skills and acquiring information. It improves intellectual ability and analytical thinking through observation and introspection.

TRANSITION: This crystal promotes healthy coping behaviour. It supports effortless adapting and handling of changes within the self or in the environment.

MEMORY: Honey calcite facilitates good information recall and retention.

PROTECTION: This crystal shields the individual from a low vibrational person, things, and situations that do not and will not benefit the individual.

BALANCE: Honey calcite equalizes enthusiasm. It sets the middle parameter of how much to take and how much to give. It counterbalances the yin-yang, the feminine-masculine, and anima-animus polar energy within the individual.

FEAR: This crystal dispels any dreadful feeling towards things, circumstances, and situations. It clears any fear-based and self-limiting thoughts. It provides a sense of assurance, that everything will be okay. It boosts persistence and perseverance. Realizing that when hard work is not enough that when you have to push harder.

GROUNDING: Honey calcite emits a strong earth energy that provides feelings of timelessness. It promotes the presence of mind which intensifies prioritization, good time management, determination, and not rushing things.

OPPORTUNITIES: This crystal aids to support realizing and aiming for ambitions, dreams, ideals, goals, and aspirations. It enables working efficiently and effectively towards the desired outcomes.

GUIDANCE: Honey calcites provide guidance. It assists in clearing and examining before having final thoughts about self, other people, and situations. It ensures thinking best for own well-being. It facilitates clear examination like a complete guide to things, related to past situations, and present circumstances and seeing the bigger picture.

MENTAL CLARITY: This crystal provides strong energy that clears the mind and assists in better cognitive thinking. It enhances concentration, mental focus, energy focus, and mental alertness.


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