Feathered Fluorite Heart

Feathered Fluorite Heart
Feathered Fluorite Heart
Feathered Fluorite Heart

Feathered Fluorite Heart


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The crystal you will receive is the one depicted in the photos below.

Size: 5.8 x 1.9cm

Weight: 83g

Experience the beauty of nature with our Feathered Fluorite Heart. This stunning piece is expertly crafted to showcase the intricate, feathery patterns of fluorite. As a stone known for its calming properties, this heart is not only a unique decoration but also a source of relaxation and tranquillity. Add a touch of natural elegance to any space with our Feathered Fluorite Heart.

Feather Fluorite Heart. Feather Fluorite is a variety of Fluorite, forms in a wide variety of hues, typically purple, green, yellow, blue, and pure form – colourless. It is composed of calcium fluoride and is a member of the Halide family.

Feather Fluorite is named for its unique crystal formations, which resemble delicate feathers or plumes. These feather-like inclusions within the Fluorite crystal can create striking and intricate patterns, often adding to the visual appeal of the mineral. These unique formations develop as Fluorite crystals grow in hydrothermal veins or similar geological settings. During their growth, the crystals trap small mineral or gas inclusions within them. Changes in pressure and temperature, along with the movement of hydrothermal fluids, lead to the development of intricate patterns and fissures. As the crystals continue to grow, secondary minerals may precipitate within these fissures, enhancing the feather-like appearance. The exact appearance of Feather Fluorite varies depending on local geology and environmental conditions.

fluorite is a protective stone that enhances focus and concentration. It brings light into the dark corners of the mind, dissolves illusions, and reveals the truth.

Fluorite meaning also ties into its ability to bring order and make decisions with clarity, making it a stone of discernment. It is useful in any situation where these types of qualities are needed, including business matters and negotiations.

Mentally, fluorite aids concentration enhances mental functions of the nervous system and increases memory retention and new ideas. It helps you to see new possibilities for solutions to problems that may be blocking your progress. Fluorite crystals are wonderful tools for learning new things, studying, and improving your memory.

Using fluorite to help you through difficult situations will bring about an understanding of the issues involved that can lead to positive action. This can enable you to move forward with any stalled projects or relationships.

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