Green Kyanite Palm Stone

Green Kyanite Palm Stone
Green Kyanite Palm Stone
Green Kyanite Palm Stone

Green Kyanite Palm Stone

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Approx size: 6.5 x 4.6cm
Approx weight: 141g

Green kyanite Kyanite is highly recommended for those engaged in spiritual self-work.

This crystal does not hold negative energies and vibrations, which means it seldom requires cleansing and purification.

Due to its boundless energy, kyanite is considered one of the premier crystals for tuning purposes.
It amplifies high-frequency energy, making it ideal for meditation and soul ascension. As a connector to higher realms, it aids in discerning life's true purpose.

Kyanite also serves as a stabilizer for our biomagnetic field and revitalizes the Qi energy within the physical body. It exerts a profound calming influence on the entire being, fostering inner peace and tranquility.

It promotes the development of psychic abilities and enhances communication on all levels, making it excellent for the throat and fifth chakra.

Commonly utilized for rest and meditation, kyanite induces serenity and supports the nervous system. Green Kyanite, in particular, liberates from burdens and constraints.

As a foundational stone, it ensures calm nerves, articulate speech, and focused thought. It acts as a guardian for the voice when paired with chalcedony.

Spiritually, kyanite is a catalyst for awakening. It fortifies the bond between the spiritual and physical bodies.

Its energies are invigorating. It is believed to awaken inner abilities, connecting us to our inherent creative force. Known as the stone of fidelity, it fosters creativity and spontaneity.

Opening the third eye, it sharpens psychic visions and is reputed to enhance foresight in those who possess this gift. When used alongside a phantom crystal, insights into past lives may surface. It facilitates communication with one's spirit guide.

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